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Raising the Standard

Raising the Standard

Jun 02, 2019

Passage: Daniel 1

Series: Sunday Sermons


As we come to the end of the school year and look to having a great summer, our prayer is that each of our students would experience God this summer in deeper ways. As a youth and student ministry we are seeking God and believe it is time to “Raise the Standard!” Looking at the book of Daniel and this first chapter gives us a glimpse into the importance of ministering to the next generation as early as possible. Statistically, church participation is not increasing…. This shows us we have A LOT of work to do!


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God has set the highest standard our goal is to raise our living to that standard

Main Points and Speakers

We must be on guard against the enemy’s attempted brainwashing - Jonathan Reyes

God has set the highest standard. The enemy’s goal is to lower our living to give us a false sense of security

We must have a resolved faith - Harrison Lopez

God has set the highest standard, our goal is to follow those standards no matter what

We must recognize the results of God’s Favor - Hector Torres

We are ready to raise the standard. Are you?

The video below is a recording of the 11am service. For audio of the 9am service, click the Listen link above.