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Kingdom Grace

Kingdom Grace

Jul 10, 2022

Passage: Matthew 20:1-16

Preacher: Dr. Pete Alwinson

Series: Kingdom Critical


The 8 Marks of Kingdom People

1. They have God’s view of greatness: Matt.18:1-6
2. They fight temptations: Matt 18:7-9
3. They go after every lost sheep: Matt.18:10-14
4. They exercise tough love with family: Matt. 18:15-20
5. They specialize in forgiveness & restoration: Matt. 18:21-35
6. They keep their vows in marriage: Matt. 19:1-12
7. They hold a high view of children: Matt. 19:13-15
8. They come into the Kingdom by grace and only by grace: Matt. 19:16-30

The 3 Graces

The grace of the call

The grace of the work

The grace of the reward