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Gospel-Centered Living

Gospel-Centered Living

Oct 23, 2022

Passage: 1 Corinthians 9:1-18

Preacher: Bishop Jayson Quiñones

Series: Church Function


Last week we were left with the question, "Is there anything you need to let go of to be a better brother's keeper?" With this in mind, we enter the second part of the Apostle Paul's answer to the question of "eating foods sacrificed to idols." One of the significant issues with church folks today is their lives are still their own. We still control our schedules and our money; our purposes are still ours; we haven't relinquished our lives to the lordship of Christ! So, the message of sacrificial living for Jesus, much less for our brothers, is almost foreign if not frowned upon!


Sermon Points

  1. The gospel should assure us of our rights as the redeemed children of God: (vv.1-18)
  2. The gospel should cause us to live in true freedom: (vv.19-23)
  3. The gospel should awaken our appetite for eternal reward: (vv.24-27)

If you want to ensure you dethrone every idol in your life, purpose to live gospel-centered.

Closing Thought

Standing before the Lord right now, could you say to Him, "Lord, I am living gospel-centered"?