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The Best Defense

The Best Defense

Feb 28, 2021

Passage: Jude 1:20-25

Preacher: Bishop Jayson Quiñones

Series: Defendaing the Faith


There should be no question, true Christianity is progressive; yet progressive Christianity is not true Christianity. Ex-Pastor Mike Winger and Lisa Childers answer 23 Progressive Christian claims: 1. It is not a sin to cuss. 2. It is not a sin to be gay. 3. It is not a sin to NOT vote republican. 4. Abortion is a complicated issue. It needs to be legal, safe, and rare. 5. Wrath of God and Hell aren’t literal… 6. Anyone who interprets the Bible literally needs to take a literature class. 7. You will either use Jesus to interpret the Bible or the Bible to interpret Jesus.


Sermon Points

  1. Offensive faith is vertically sourced: (vv.20-21)
  2. Offensive faith is evangelistic in expression: (22-23)
  3. Offensive faith is God dependent: (24-25)

Defending the faith is most effective when we are offensive rather than defensive

Closing Thoughts...

Do you have an offensive faith?