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“It’s a Family Thing…HONOR”

“It’s a Family Thing…HONOR”

Nov 06, 2022

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Preacher: Bishop Jayson Quiñones

Series: Sunday Sermons


Being a father is one of the greatest privileges God gives a man. As an Elder, Overseer, Bishop, or Pastor in a church, there is definite crossover; as we have a responsibility to equip and edify the church as we would our children, we will give an account for you as we will our children. There should also be a reciprocated &"brotherly" affection from shepherd to sheep. One of the qualifications for being an elder is managing your household well.


Sermon Points

  1. We must recognize the leadership in the family: (vv.12-13)
  2. We must respond to our role as an extension of leadership in the family: (vv.14-15)
  3. We must realize the value and components of family worship: (vv.16-28)

Until we view the church as God's family, and us as part of it, we will minimize our engagement

Closing Thought

Do you view your church family as your family, or are we just brothers and sisters in word?