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Our Latest Series: Not Optional

Posted by Jayson Quiñones on

When Gods law in used rightly it builds our faith in Christ

  • We live in a day in which relativism rules and absolute truth is rejected. The subjective has taken the place of the objective. No longer are we ALL held to the SAME standards in EVERY situation. The use of the words ALL and EVERY are offensive to many as we ALL, by nature, want to play by our own rules.


  • Yet, God's Word found in the pages of the Bible is objective truth to ALL of His creation, since He is above ALL in authority and wisdom, and His standards are the SAME for EVERY person in EVERY situation they face.


  • The very purpose of God's Laws, summed up in two commandments by Jesus, expounded in 613 commands (365 thou shall nots and 248 thou shalts) by the Rabbis and contained in the Ten Commandments found on the tablets given to Moses, is to bring us into an encounter with the perfection of God, revealing to us our sinfulness by contrast and our desperate need of salvation.