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Part of our church mission is our commitment to "Growing Together"! Practically, this means growing in relationships with others based upon a desire to know God better, know the Bible better, know each other better, care for one another better and together reach and serve our communities better. In short, this means "doing life together”. Our Groups are not just weekly meetings we attend, but people gatherings we are an important part of. 
To make participation more accessible to everyone, our groups run on a semester based schedule Winter Semester (Jan-Mar), Summer Semester (May-July) and Fall Semester (Aug-Nov). On the off months we still try to “konect” with each other, just not every week. We all need breaks! Yet, life is NOT meant to be lived alone!!
We invite you to consider joining one of our groups! Check out the ones we are offering for this semester and feel free to reach out to one of the leaders if you have any questions! AND, if you are interested in leading or hosting please reach out to Pastor Aldo Baños. We hope you will Get Konected!!

Core Konect - Sermon Notes (Oviedo)

Leader: Luis Vega
When: Tuesday, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Our Tuesday night Core Konect Life Group meets at 6:30 pm for dinner and fellowship. At around 7:30 pm, we gather for a review and discussion of the previous Sunday's sermon. The objective is to reflect on the impact of the sermon on us individually, share our take aways and what, if anything, was revealed through the preaching and sharing of God's word. It's a laid back time of fellowship, reflection and doing life together.

For more information on how you can get "Konected" please reach out to Luis Vega

Blinding Zeal

June 9, 2019

We saw in Romans 9, God’s past or historical dealings with Israel and their “past riches.” That God chose certain individuals to be carriers of the Messianic seed and promised redemption. As well as the fact that not all naturally born Israelites are chosen for the same purpose and that most of Israel had stumbled over Jesus rather than trusting in Him for righteousness. Now we turn to look at God’s present dealings with Israel and their “rejection” of the Messiah God’s provision of salvation!

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