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I am married to my lovely wife and God sent friend Tatiana Iriel Reyes. We have inherited 4 beautiful boys from God Almighty the author of life, Isaiah, Caleb, Ethan and Thomas. 

I am passionate about:

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Loving Him, serving Him, following Him, and surrendering my life to His Word!! I want to pursue His righteousness and communicate His Word accurately while being led by the Holy Spirit.

My desired result from serving God and sharing his word is:

I desire to see everyone understand and know that Jesus is Lord. I desire for them to know that Jesus loves them unconditionally and according to His divine standards. I desire for them to know that the bible is God's inspired Word left for us as a gift from God Himself using men and women throughout history to pen His words (2 timothy 3:16-17). I desire for them to know that His Word is absolute truth and our final authority and that His Word will increase our faith in Him and if applied, will keep us from sinning against Him.

Years in ministry:

I began to serve in the ministry after a brief turn from God. I was transformed from a man who was blind to the things of God to a man whose eyes were opened to God's power and mercy on November 10th, 2000. For about a month I was committed to this merciful God who I was introduced to, and then being caught in a snare of my own desires to get high on drugs, I turned away from the one who loved me more than I had ever been loved. For the next 6 months I was lost, or so I thought, after a few more encounters with our great God, I again turned from my wicked ways and began to serve in the ministry of God and have never looked back.